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Overview of Classes

We teach Tae kwon do, Krav Maga, Self-defence and many other arts in a seamless way in order for the student to learn to maximize his or her instruction.

Whether you are looking for children martials arts, teen martial arts or adult martial arts training, we have a program for you.


The children classes form from 5 years and up. We specialize in structured classes that first teach discipline and self control. we teach tae kwon do, a korean karate form of martial arts. Also, as the student advances, they will learn, Bully control, Krav Maga plus other styles to complement their training.


The teen karate class starts from 12 years and up. Besides learning the same requirements as the kids classes, they will also have more emphasis on self-defence and leadership skills.


The adult class is geared for those that want an awesome workout that includes self defence, Krav Maga, tae kwon do, weapon defence.


All classes are taught by the owners/instructors. We give and expect the highest level of effort from the students. We teach that the right atittude will lead to success, not only in the martial arts, but also in life!

The classes are divided according to age and level of experience.


The classes are taught by the owners and master instructors themselevs.


Students earn the right to test, no belts will be given away.


Discipline is taught and expected in class.


Every class is different and exciting, there will be a lot of sweating but also, fun!



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